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14 Jan 2005 00:44 solszew

Exactly what I needed
Personal Weblog is exactly what I needed for my site. Very simple to install and maintain, easy to tweak, and not a lot of extra "features" that turn out to be resource drains or cruft. I highly recommend it.

15 Dec 2002 04:15 PolarLava

Plays Nice
If you are looking to integrate a weblog into your existing personal web site, look no further. Unlike most blog software this one fits into your existing site. Most others seem to be built to be a framework for an entire site. But what if you already have some sort of framework? Personal Weblog! So if you are looking to add a blog to your site and you would like to do so quickly and easily, start downloading. You'll be up and running in under an hour.

26 Jun 2002 06:59 sykora

Does the job for me
I downloaded this for use on my personal domain as a weblog. I thought the installation was easy (I just got caught up with the SQL database, but I knew nothing of SQL at the time so that's understandable), and maintaining the weblog is easy as well. It was able to fit in seamlessly with my current website layout. The only feature I would like it to contain is letting others add comments to entries, but that's not a neccessity for me.

21 Nov 2001 01:46 dscribner

Personal Weblog 0.9.5
Nifty little package makes for a great personal weblog for an intranet/Internet web site. Very easy to install and configure!


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