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WebKNotes is a Web-based knowledge/notes database written in Perl using a plain dir/file (text, HTML, Wiki) hierarchy as a database for notes and subtopics. Features include uploading, searching, user authentication, editing of existing notes, various views, CSS themes, and mod_perl support.


Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2002 21:57

    Release Notes: Configure has been fixed to write icon definitions. A possible Perl taint problem has been fixed. Documentation has been added.

    •  05 Sep 2002 20:46

      Release Notes: This release adds CVS client support, mail subscription turned back on (subscription is still manual), a new configure script that remembers your previous configuration (except filters), an email verification mechanism, a superlayout/layout more sane than layout/sublayout, htxt support, better wiki support, and documentation in htxt.

      •  26 Mar 2001 18:45

        Release Notes: Support for mod_perl, Auto Back loading, support for Wiki "markup" files, File Append support, CSS browser workarounds, and program restructuring.

        •  04 Oct 2000 15:46

          Release Notes: A possible security hole was fixed. The browse header code was unified/simplified and a redundant wkn::check_path was removed. The default install locations were moved into a wkn/ directory, and an index.html is generated there. Some documentation updates were made.

          •  29 Sep 2000 18:54

            Release Notes: The following things were broken by the recent CSS/themes overhaul, and are fixed by this release: "them:" search, upload, and browse_js. The browse scripts now properly set their layout, and some new icons have been added.


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