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Webgallery is a Perl script which produces high quality Web pages for showing off a bunch of images in a directory. It relies on the ImageMagick Studio (specifically PerlMagick), and handles all the images that ImageMagick knows about. It outputs some thumbnail images in JPEG format and an index page for your Web site.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Jun 2001 07:32

    Release Notes: This version adds the ability to have separate source and destination directories. Now skips over some bogus types of files, and links directly to others. Some bug fixes also performed.

    •  13 Aug 2000 01:34

      Release Notes: This release features support for (modified) gPhoto HTML gallery themes, and can create individual HTML pages (one per image) with forward/back functionality.

      •  09 Jul 2000 05:24

        Release Notes: Verbosity switch (-v), recursion (-r) with fancy directory navigation, and quiet switch (-q) have been added. It now works on multiple directories, skips processing the index files, and has a much less cluttered default display and a new versioning scheme. There has been some cleanup of code and produced HTML

        •  20 Jun 2000 05:39

          Release Notes: This version includes a transition from URI::URL to the URI module. Other changes include bugfixes for ':' and '#' in filenames, corrected directory problems, and a cleaned up README.

          •  19 Jun 2000 06:26

            Release Notes: Now (much) more likely to work on Windows. Made creation of thumbnails directory more robust (fails correctly now). Lots of code cleanup. Now runs much faster. Status line added at the end of run. Clears out orphaned thumbnails. Doesn't reprocess unchanged thumbnails.


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