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WebDialer for Linux

Webdialer is a script to configure and start/stop wvdial, ISDN, or ADSL connections from a Web browser, which is very useful when it runs on a headless gateway. It features log functions for IP, time connected, and traffic that was transferred and received. You can use several languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, and Turkish).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jul 2002 14:49

    Release Notes: This release adds better ISDN support and some bugfixes.

    •  11 Nov 2001 21:09

      Release Notes: The previous version had a corrupted archive file.

      •  14 Aug 2001 08:32

        Release Notes: The IP is not only announced, it is also stored in the logs.

        •  14 May 2001 20:19

          Release Notes: The Turkish translation of the script is available, and a small bug in the config file is fixed.

          •  08 Mar 2001 10:37

            Release Notes: A separate configuration file for the script, Czech language support, and some options are no longer hardcoded.

            Recent comments

            22 Nov 2002 17:59 jeffcovey

            This is not Webdialer for Windows
            This project has nothing to do with Webdialer for Windows. Please do
            not post comments here complaining about Webdialer for Windows, giving
            removal instructions for it, etc. They will be deleted.



            12 Nov 2002 17:31 liquidsteel

            Re: Removing Li-speed porn webdialer under windows ME
            dont boot to dos,try booting to safe mode,im not sure if me will or not,the rdve.exe which is the main hook will only be able to be deleted in safe mode 16bit

            08 Nov 2002 22:11 Windex

            Removing Li-speed porn webdialer under windows ME
            So far I've found no helpful posts on how to remove the software on a windows ME machine. As you probably already know, this bit of software, is a bigger pain in the ass to remove then the average virus. Expecialy under ME where you cant just boot in dos mode.

            Anways, what do we do in ME? Well, I tried for a long time and in many ways to kill it, and several suggestions dont work. I guess that makes them myths.

            You cant get rid of the startup by using msconfig, so dont bother trying.

            Simply deleting the registry enteries is not enough either.

            What I ended up doing is booting my computer, and hitting alt-ctrl-delete every second or so, and turning off anything that I didnt exclusively recognize. this was basicly anything listed as "" obviously there were more then one, and only one of the 3 was the porn dialer, but hey, better safe then sorry right?

            After that, I did the rest. deleteing the program files (dlres.exe and rdve.exe) along with anything else named "li-speed" . After that, I searched my registry for anything named li-speed, dlres, or rdve.

            Then i searched my computer and deleted any file, that was named dlres or rdve. There were a few LGC files that were associated with those files, and had references within them to both files. I dont profess to know what they are, but here again, better safe then sorry, I'm still a novice porn buster, cut me some slack.

            And then, you restart your computer. If things worked then you should be set, having removed it.

            Well, thats how to remove it. all in all, I am extrodinarily pissed at liberco for wasting many hours of my time. and your time. I am very interested in wasting many hours of thier companies time. If you have any ideas and would be willing to help me, please post here.

            Thank you.
            William Dearborn

            16 Oct 2002 13:34 Mral

            Re: Li-Speed00199 Webdialer
            It's gone! Thanks again! :)

            15 Oct 2002 22:29 Mral

            Re: Li-Speed00199 Webdialer
            Great! Thanks so much! :)


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