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Webcockpit is a Web application generator for reporting and monitoring applications. It generates complete JSP-based Web applications which contain charts and tables whose contents are retrieved using database queries. The charts and tables can be configured to link to each other, enabling master detail-like drill-down. You can provide your own HTML or JSP template files which are mixed with the generated JSP to provide a final Web application.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2005 11:22

    Release Notes: This minor release greatly improves the tabulation power by using the "displaytag" JSP taglib for runtime HTML table generation. Features include sorting or grouping by column, pagination, data export to CSV, Excel, and XML formats, and having full control of the table's CSS style markup. Improvements to charts include the possibility of defining the orientation of the label for the category axis. The embedded charting library "jfreechart" (v1.0.0) and "cewolf" (v0.11.0) have been upgraded to the latest versions.

    •  24 Jun 2005 06:01

      Release Notes: This minor release upgrade has enabled Webcockpit to be put into productive use in a large corporation to provide transparency into business process states. The changes include upgrading to the latest versions of the embedded charting software, JFreeChart. The charts look more professional than in previous versions. Customizing the WebApplication's configuration file allows for user authentication and access control. There is a new demo to illustrate the security feature.

      •  02 Nov 2004 21:44

        Release Notes: A major enhancement has been made to webcockpit to allow for creating charts with a customized 'look and feel'. All aspects of chart coloring, fonts, and line styles have been made easily customizable. This is a significant improvement to standard Cewolf chart images. Grid lines can be switched on or off for xy charts. HTML tables can be configured to have alternating styles for odd and even rows for easier readability.

        •  27 Sep 2004 00:22

          Release Notes: The chart types signal, wind, Gantt, and highlow charts are now supported. Refer to the simple example documentation to see one example of each chart type.

          •  30 Aug 2004 08:56

            Release Notes: It is now possible to 'hide' table columns in the HTML table representation. The hidden columns can be used in the binding of visible columns. Bind variable names no longer need be globally unique, and the same bind variable name can be used multiple times for the same query (but not between queries). This reduced the number of page parameters required for complex queries. The proper JSTL sql:param construct was used for bind variables. An xy charts page was added to the simple example.


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