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WebCalendar is a Web-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors. WebCalendar requires a database such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ODBC, or Interbase. Features include email reminders, iCal/vCal import/export, remote subscriptions for Sunbird or Apple iCal, LDAP and NIS support, and translations for 29 languages.

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Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2012 14:13

    Release Notes: This update to the stable production release includes fixes for various security vulnerabilities including LFI (local file inclusion), XSS (cross site scripting), and others. Translations were updated for German, German-utf8, Dutch, and Dutch-utf8.

    •  12 Jul 2010 07:07

      Release Notes: This release fixes bugs found in the 1.2.0 release and address some XSS vulnerabilties. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

      •  10 Jan 2008 14:49

        Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and security fixes were made. All users of WebCalendar versions before 1.0.5 should upgrade to 1.0.5.

        •  18 Dec 2006 16:45

          Release Notes: This release contains many major new features over the 1.0 release. This includes full timezone support, an improved install wizard, better iCalendar (RFC2445) import/export, advanced user access control, two-way iCalendar sync, remote hCalendar support, iCalendar FreeBusy support, FCKEditor support for HTML event descriptions, multiple public/event calendars, IMAP-based user auth, user self-registration, and IBM DB2 support.

          •  15 Sep 2006 17:32

            Release Notes: This release includes many new features: an updated Web-based installer (will create or upgrade your database for you), full timezone support , two-way sync from iCalendar clients, multiple public/event calendars, subscription to remote iCalendar calendars, ACLs, user self-registration, publishing iCalendar FreeBusy, updated translations, FCKEditor editor support, sending email with SMTP, improved iCalendar import/export, IMAP user authentication, the ability to add comments and documents to events, uploadable category icons, new menu system, global layers, and more.

            Recent comments

            01 Aug 2009 01:45 wordman

            Hello all,

            I just installed webcalendar via my hosting service's one-click install. I'm wanting to modify it style-wise to fit the look of the website to which it is now part.

            1. Make the liquid layout fixed and centered. I changed $tableWidth to 760px, and that worked, but the table is now left-justified. I'd like to center it on the page.

            2. This is for public viewing only, so I do not want the GO TO or CURRENT USER menus that appear at the bottom when the top menu bar is deactivated.

            3. I'd like to be able to center the optional header text and change the text format.

            4. I'd also like to change the text size of the month.

            5. I'd also like to remove the category drop-down box, and the lower month, week and year drop downs as well.

            6. How to make the 'Public Access' text below the month say something else?

            I appreciate the sheer amount of work this webcalendar project took. Being straight PHP it's harder for an intermediate user such as myself to tweak it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



            10 Jan 2008 05:20 cknudsen

            Re: Public calendar
            Yes, you can turn public event submissions on and off. We have also added CAPTCHA for public event submissions to cut down on link spamming.

            > Is it possible to have a calendar that

            > is viewable by the public but not

            > update-able by the public so that the

            > entries are only created by specific

            > individuals?

            15 Oct 2007 13:54 tommycahir

            Re: Public calendar
            Is it possible to have a calendar that is viewable by the public but not update-able by the public so that the entries are only created by specific individuals?

            10 Sep 2007 17:49 bogemot

            Re: Public calendar

            Hey, these are great tips! A little bit of info goes a long way. I will have to implement a few of these in my blog for sure.

            10 Sep 2007 13:43 Fluxxx

            Re: To do list?

            > For that and a bit more:



            Thank you for link.


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