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05 Jan 2005 05:37 beone

Re: WebCal
great software!!!!

i am testing it on IIS 5.0 and seems that works perfectly.
i am a complete ignorant with perl :)
instead of typing username and password each time i have to recreate the cookie, it is possible to send to the calendar the parameters from a php page?
could you help me?

30 Jun 2000 06:22 andrewjohnson

WebCal - repeating events
The repeating even problem seems to have been fixed in the April release.
I find the system very easy to use and especially like the fact that the calendars can be stored in plain text databases. This makes installation Very Easy!

01 Feb 2000 09:40 AHinMaine

Still got a ways to go...

Looks really nice on the surface though. But things like repeating events still isn't working correctly. If you set up a repeating event like a vacation or something, and then want to delete it, you have to go in and manually delete each and every day that you set it to repeat...


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