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WebAPP stands for Web Automated Perl Portal. It features topics, forums, instant messaging, "who's online", download sections, link sections, wireless and Palm Pilot support, integrated newsletters, complete site administration, admin database backups, multiple language support, customization, password encryption, polls, administration blocks and language administration, IP banning, and multiple spambot protection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2008 12:53

    Release Notes: This is the first version of WebAPP ever to run under "strict" mode. Several great new features were added, the most significant being the new Front Page Administration interface.

    •  18 Oct 2007 01:26

      Release Notes: This release adds security and efficiency optimization, along with a few new feature enhancements.

      •  30 Mar 2007 11:48

        Release Notes: This release adds a Forum Archives Search feature, fixes for Perl warnings throughout, fixes for bugs on archived lists in various places, and security work, including a solution for a recent issue with cookie editing and username hijacking which ultimately resulted in "Monty53 of Turkey" overtaking the admin account at and editing the front page welcome message and news. This is no longer possible if the site administrator takes advantage of the new security options in this release.

        •  22 Feb 2007 07:33

          Release Notes: This release includes a major overall security upgrade. Also, several bugs were fixed since the last version.

          •  11 Feb 2007 11:45

            Release Notes: Many changes were made, including new features, security measures, bugfixes, and general coding improvements.

            Recent comments

            29 Apr 2007 02:05 tedcambron

            Please ignore my comments under
            I wrote them several years ago. WebAPP has changed alot since then, and to start with the entire project has moved to and the old site at has been sold to *one* former developer, whom DO NOT represent the project. For more information kindly check whois history change records for the site.

            Dear editor, please either allow me to edit my old comment or to post this here,

            Thank you

            27 Apr 2007 17:08 jeffcovey

            Re: Why not just go kill eachother
            I'm just deleting any new comments on the matter and letting the current
            ones stand as an explanation of the perspectives of both sides.

            27 Apr 2007 14:55 LordFalcon

            Why not just go kill eachother
            I don't care about this soft but this

            pointless FUD is really annoying...

            I should think that if you have an issue with the project ownership which you can confirm I'm sure the freshmeat admins might help you out...

            10 Feb 2007 23:42 bantychick

            Re: Been looking for this script for years!
            The site is distributing a release I did for that group last September, which was 3 versions ago before our current release. Having been project manager for the WebAPP project ( since February of 2005, I have deep knowledge of the project and the people involved. Carter Brown gave me the project and the WebAPP site last November due to the constant harrassment he was receiving from this group. That is nothing but the truth.

            07 Feb 2007 10:43 On12345

            Re: Been looking for this script for years!
            Please note:

            1.) All the developers who created this script moved to .

            2.) The original creator of this thread here Carter, has resigned from the project and sold his site to someone with a nick name "bantychick".

            3.) Now, this person comes here and claims that the site was down (this is not true) and that the project is back (which is also not true).

            Please read more about the consequences of this false claiming and using this spin-off script <a

            Yes, extremly unsecure script.



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