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webAlbum is a bash script for automatically generating Web-based photo and video albums for publishing online or archiving on disk or CDs. The generated HTML pages do not require any scripting support for viewing. The script includes automatic thumb-nailing and resizing, image rotation, captioning support, and CD preparation for Windows autorun. The resulting album is a hierarchical tree structure of "albums" and "collections" of albums with an intuitive navigation system.


Recent releases

  •  04 Mar 2005 08:04

    Release Notes: This release adds support for two Microsoft video formats: ASF and WMV.

    •  02 Mar 2005 09:07

      Release Notes: Newer versions of mplayer deprecated the -jpeg command line switch, so the script had to be adapted to handle this change. A bug was fixed when this script was used on albums containing only videos and no images.

      •  28 Feb 2005 03:55

        Release Notes: The ancestor tree produced in the upper right corner sometimes would break into two lines. This was fixed. It shouldn't break unless the ancestor tree gets VERY long. Also, the dates are now excluded from this tree, because it was redundant information and made it look ugly.

        •  12 Oct 2004 07:51

          Release Notes: This release added a workaround for an Image Magick 6.0.6 bug that interfered with proper video clip thumbnailing and medium-sizing (convert's border option didn't work properly if a 0 height is supplied).

          •  31 Jul 2004 20:36

            Release Notes: Clip previews are provided for browsing videos. The look was improved, and more useful information is displayed. The supplemental script to generate the content list has been improved and merged into the main script. The list is now created as a nested hierarchical structure to provide a more intuitive navigation system. The list includes each item with a title, an optional date, an optional comment, a preview icon, and info about the item (including the number of images and videos). A better user interface and more configurability were added.


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