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15 Jan 2007 10:25 level6

Needs User-Defined Categories
WOW! A 3-year-old application that still works perfectly? that's unheard of. This is a solid application which provides my family exactly what we needed....

... except ... we are moving from a free web-based calendar which allowed users to define new categories (name, fore/back color) and this was a BIG help, having 3 kids. We could color code everything, then be able to see whose bills were due (based on shade of red), which kid had a play (based on three more color combinations), etc.

Would it be hard to add user-definable categories?

02 Jan 2007 12:30 vanbao

Installation problem.
For the last couple of days, I have been trying to install it on my website which I host it with an online company. The server runs linux.

I made all the changes in the file and run it. For some reason, I keep running into problems.

Please see attach image file for the error messages. If you can help me install this program, it will be a huge new year present for me. Thank you.

+++++++++++ install server "default_server" ++++++++++++

cp /tmp/wcal1167769592 /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

Command failed: No such file or directory == Trying to continue ==

chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

Command failed: No such file or directory == Trying to continue ==

chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

Command failed: No such file or directory == Trying to continue ==

chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

Command failed: No such file or directory == Trying to continue ==

cp /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/ /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

02 Jan 2007 02:33 vanbao

Re: Simply Great!
Hi, can you please help.

I spent hours trying to install this program and can not seem to get it to work. For some reasons, it is trying to create the upload, css, and uis folders, it get stuck right there.

Here are the messages:

cp /tmp/wcal1167733117 /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/
chown -R

nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/
Command failed: No such file or directory

== Trying to continue ==
chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/
Command failed: No such file or directory

== Trying to continue ==
chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/
Command failed: No such file or directory

== Trying to continue ==
chown -R nobody /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/
Command failed: No such file or directory

== Trying to continue ==
cp /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/ /hsphere/local/home/vanbao/

If you can help me install this, I would be most grateful.

04 Nov 2005 15:29 chrispsurf

Nice work
I have researched and test drove many calendars and found that this webcal has close to everything I was looking for.

My concern is with the performance of the app as the data file grows with events. Has anyone noticed any performance issues with a calendar that is heavily populated?

Thanks for the great work.


16 Dec 2004 22:00 jmcvetta

more flexible than anything else out there -- but a HORRIBLE name
My client needed different group-based levels of access to shared resource calendars, as well as a general-purpose calendaring system.

I spent many weeks trying different group calendaring systems -- phprojekt, opengroupware, phpgroupware, tutos, mrbs, the *other* webcal -- and could not hammer any of them into exactly meeting my requirements. With webCal, it still wasn't completely easy, but it was doable without re-writing anything. That made me happy.

One bad thing about it: the name. "WebCal" is the absolutely most generic, easily-confused name one could imagine for this product. Please, please rename it to something more distinct!

24 Apr 2004 00:03 datadyr

Really great calendar system
It was easy to install the system and I had it up running in a matter of minutes.

This is really outstanding. The clever usage of Javascript combined with powerful Perl scripts makes this system something special.

I installed version 2.8.8 and it runs flawlessly.

Try it! It's worth the effort.

16 Dec 2003 06:46 Giampos

web calendar
16-12-2003 Great Software, very simple and user friendly, good for groupware, only a thing.....
about the users right and permission admin and can be better! ...and everyone can create a calendar in internet?

31 Oct 2003 14:12 Stalione

Absolutely the best!
I had reviewed this project in mid Jan 2002 and I was not very pleased with its performance. The author informed me that I needed mod_perl running but I never got around to installing it or trying it out.

At my company I got an opportunity to set up a group calendar and right away I came back to this project. This product has improved dramatically. My whole department is amazed with this product.

The downside of the project is its lack of LDAP interface (for authentication as well as addressbook). Also it will be nice if it could integrate some kind of a mail interface into the calendar system. Large scale imports from outlook would also be nice (currently you can do one event at a time). The UI (specially the options and admin) can really use some better arrangement and color scheme.

29 Apr 2003 11:16 strivedi

Simply Great!
Great work on the Calendar, easy to install and use. Just wondering though if anyone had other CSS sheets that they have created for WebCalendar, and would not mind sharing them. I have tried to modify the original, but its a bit tougher than my novice skills can handle.

Still great work though!

07 Feb 2003 15:07 jadelman2000

Hi, all. Just finishing a contract to install, deploy and train about 10 high-energy users on WebCal. It rocks! And I saved them a pile of cash by using two old Dell XPSs w/ Red Hat Linux 7.3 + all patches. Turned on SSL and, viola, a reasonably secure calendaring system.

The users on the mailing lists are very helpful, and the author is not an "ivory tower"-style developer. Many organizations, both large and small, have deployed Web Calendar, and it just works!

FYI: some info about the setup I used:
-Used two Dell XPS, one in service (PIII 450Mhz), the other as backup(PII 400Mhz)
-Used stock RedHat RPMS for Apache/mod_perl
-Set up SSL for remote users (port 80 blocked to the Internet)
-Set up backup to be same setup
-Set up cron script to do daily date-stamped backups of WebCal + Apache config files
-Set cron job for rsync of WebCalendar directories + backup files
-Using Big Brother to monitor and page for trouble
-Trained users on use, and gave special training to PDA users (doing one-way import to Palm Desktop 4.1 - users have to use the "Delete Duplicates" add-in every time, no big deal)

Only caveats:
- Wish RSVP would be automatic when inviting other users to meetings
-More authentication options

Many users love the "Daily E-mail Reminders", and the Compare Calendar features are excellent. Great work! - and thanks!


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