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05 Nov 2002 12:02 savignon

Wcal 2.5 is out!
Groups of users

Graphical themes

See CHANGES for more information

See also CWcal project ( for theme editor

06 May 2002 05:50 savignon

Wcal 2.4 is out!
See CHANGES for more information

22 Apr 2002 12:50 savignon

Re: it cannot be installed on redhat-7.2
It seems you've done a confusion between Wcal and another Web Calendar software because those message is not displayed by the Wcal installation script.

Check out your download and contact the right maintainer.


22 Apr 2002 12:18 panserg

it cannot be installed on redhat-7.2
Whatever i've tried on redhat 7.2 it shows:

WebCalendar Installation Log

Please configure your webserver to use the following CGI directories

Server=web.[...].net, cgidir=/var/www/bin/wcal

Server=web.[...].net, cgidir=/var/www/bin/wcal cginame=/bin/wcal/

if it requires hacking - why not document such hacks? At least, if is broken the manual way hould work if it would be documented.

06 Sep 2001 10:20 savignon

Wcal 2.2 is out!
The version 2.2 of Wcal is the first version that allows to synchronize Wcal with Palm Pilot^(TM).

The Palm Wcal HotSync® is made by an external module called P*Wcal.

Check the P*Wcal page ( for more information.

24 Jul 2001 10:53 savignon

Re: Wcal 2.1 installation trouble
Makefile has been modified to correct the problem
and the archive wcal-2.1.tgz has been updated

23 Jul 2001 08:10 savignon

Wcal 2.1 installation trouble
There's a problem in Wcal 2.1 installation if root user doesn't have '.' in his PATH. To solve this you can add '.' to the PATH or add perl before in the Makefile.

Check CVS ( to download the last Makefile and see the mail archive ( for more information


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