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Wcal is a Web-based calendar and planner especially suitable for multi-user setups in an intranet. It features the ability for several users to have their own or shared calendars, read-only views, Weekly and monthly repeating events. It uses the Web server's access control methods, and allows a separate access control definition for each user.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2008 15:13

    Release Notes: The "show weekend" resource can be a color to customize weekend background. Bugs have been fixed concerning repeated events, exceptions, and overlap.

    •  09 Dec 2004 20:18

      Release Notes: This release introduces the concept of duration for repeated events. A repeated event can start at one date, stop at another date, and be disabled for certain dates. A new "Goto..." view has been added to go directly to a chosen day. There are some more bugfixes and changes.

      •  14 Aug 2003 15:01

        Release Notes: Private events were implemented. You can now configure the week view to look like the day view. A search view was added to search for strings in events like a search engine. Wcal calendars can now be synchronized with multiple sources. Wcal now generates valid HTML 4.0 Transitional. Automatic refreshing is now done in Multiple Windows Display mode.

        •  05 Nov 2002 16:52

          Release Notes: New features include Wcal graphical themes, groups of users (calendar tree), events locking, events overlap control, yearly repeated events, a customizable mail command, calendar purge restriction, and event precision resources. Miscellaneous HTML code was changed for display purpose. Bugs regarding repeated persistent events were corrected. Bugs which occurred when using checkalarm with args were corrected. The todo, strike, and mail flags are now kept on alarm launch. The list events view was corrected for calendars with data ID.

          •  06 May 2002 12:27

            Release Notes: Newly added resources include show day time, first hour, last hour, and day precision. Duration is added in the event form if it is greater than 1. The Spanish, Norwegian, and Finnish versions have been integrated. The date format in email messages was corrected. An HTML code bug in the year view was corrected. A display bug which occurred in for some browsers (such as Konqueror and Opera) was corrected. The links in other views were changed for display stability. The default values of some install variables was changed.

            Recent comments

            05 Nov 2002 12:02 savignon

            Wcal 2.5 is out!
            Groups of users

            Graphical themes

            See CHANGES for more information

            See also CWcal project ( for theme editor

            06 May 2002 05:50 savignon

            Wcal 2.4 is out!
            See CHANGES for more information

            22 Apr 2002 12:50 savignon

            Re: it cannot be installed on redhat-7.2
            It seems you've done a confusion between Wcal and another Web Calendar software because those message is not displayed by the Wcal installation script.

            Check out your download and contact the right maintainer.


            22 Apr 2002 12:18 panserg

            it cannot be installed on redhat-7.2
            Whatever i've tried on redhat 7.2 it shows:

            WebCalendar Installation Log

            Please configure your webserver to use the following CGI directories

            Server=web.[...].net, cgidir=/var/www/bin/wcal

            Server=web.[...].net, cgidir=/var/www/bin/wcal cginame=/bin/wcal/

            if it requires hacking - why not document such hacks? At least, if is broken the manual way hould work if it would be documented.

            06 Sep 2001 10:20 savignon

            Wcal 2.2 is out!
            The version 2.2 of Wcal is the first version that allows to synchronize Wcal with Palm Pilot^(TM).

            The Palm Wcal HotSync® is made by an external module called P*Wcal.

            Check the P*Wcal page ( for more information.


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