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13 May 2010 18:16 beattie

dtigue: Did you every get a response? If nobody is maintaining the project and the author can't be found it can always be forked. I'm doing some work for myself to put together a touchpad UbuntuRemix of my own and wbar is one of the things I have found that I'd like to use. But to make it really work I'd like to add submenues and docking. If you or anybody else would like to join me in doing a little work on wbar leave a comment here or send me a message. Meanwhile I'll try to get intouch with the current owner.

06 Jan 2010 18:39 guisacouto

if someone could find a way to set wbar in dual head(screen) monitors it would be great!
the thing is that I can't set it up on the monitor that I want.. the best way to get this right would be if there was an option to set X and Y variables..


23 Sep 2009 19:13 dtigue

I love wbar all my business and personal computers use. You get the eyecandy without the bloat. I was wondering if this project is still being maintained, if not then I'd like to take over and keep wbar alive.

03 Sep 2009 21:33 lai

Never mind, I figured it out: stdlib.h and it compiles just fine.

03 Sep 2009 21:24 lai

rfelsburg, the angle brackets were stripped out of your comment. What needs to be #included?

30 Aug 2009 19:45 rfelsburg

#include <stdlib.h>

needs to be added to the top of and

and that will fixc the problem of 'getenv' not being in scope/declared, the library that declares the function isn't included.

03 Aug 2009 12:10 ManuelDomke

22 Apr 2009 13:31 hendedav

01 May 2008 20:16 vec7

21 Apr 2008 16:24 ighea


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