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wadWiki is a extremely light and simple Wiki engine that anyone can modify. It aims to be a fast scratchpad for arranging ideas without frills and complications. Major releases are supported for more than three years, so server requirements don't get suddenly bumped. Since it is written using only procedural functions, anyone with basic programming skills can adapt it to new requirements. The extension API is stable. There is official hosting for third-party extensions. Because collecting knowledge is not the goal of this project, if you want a full-featured wiki engine, you may wish to choose another software like MediaWiki.


Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2011 19:28

    Release Notes: This release adds an improved installation script and updated documentation. The whole project has been relicensed under 3-clause BSD.

    •  28 Aug 2011 17:59

      Release Notes: This release adds command line tools that enable accessing and modifying articles from terminals and shell scripts in the local server. It is ideal for automatic article uploading (like server monitoring, posting svn logs, etc).

      •  27 Jul 2011 02:06

        Release Notes: As in version 1.0.6, this version fixes security bugs in which output could be crafted when inserting various consecutive tables. The documentation was updated, providing better examples and a fresher readme.

        •  16 Jul 2011 21:26

          Release Notes: Numerous parsing bugs have been solved by improving substitution regular expressions. This also improves program security, since this change changes how inputs are parsed, and they are much more validated, solving possible XSS's that use format holes.


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