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WACS (pronounced "wax") is a full Comet server that is extremely tiny, fast, and permits you to serve push requests as well as normal Web server requests for simple files. It also contains a proxy to a more full-featured Web server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2010 23:01

    Release Notes: The authentication process has been simplified to a single client random UID to be more compatible with simple devices and IE. The JavaScript has been rewritten to meet server requirements. The channel now has a timeout of 2 minutes. The server will keep the client session for 10 seconds until it decides that the client has really disconnected. A new configuration parameter "channel" has been implemented to declare channels' listeners. A new funcion getStats has been added to show stats of the server. A graceful shutdown has been implemented on break or other signals.

    •  16 Nov 2010 07:48

      Release Notes: Some bugs have been corrected in the client-side JavaScript, and a better protocol error has been implemented on the server side. The chat example is fully working.

      •  12 Oct 2010 05:21

        Release Notes: JSON code can now be split into chunks, and the chunks can be rawurlencoded. A domain problem in iframes on IE7/8 was fixed, and full support for IE7/8 is now available. Support for disconnection and timeouts was added. Multiple sessions on the same cookie (on the same browser) are now supported. Error management was enhanced. The examples were improved.

        •  06 Oct 2010 07:10

          Release Notes: This is a beta release candidate. The kernel system is now quite stable and some examples have been added to the server.

          Recent comments

          16 Nov 2010 20:18 metalwolf69

          Last Benchmark. 2010/10/10:
          We have tried the server on a Celeron 2GHz monoprocesor with the following results:
          - 1000 connected users
          - 3.7 Mb of memory used
          - 30% load CPU
          - 87 ms average response time between sending a message and all the clients get the response


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