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12 Nov 2001 05:39 samjam

Re: w3mir -- sometimes great
From the web page:

Please note that w3mir 1.0.9 and later now works with all known versions of LWP and the URI module. 1.0.8 did not.

20 Jan 2001 19:59 janl

w3mir 1.0.9 can use new versions of LWP/URI

09 Jan 1999 20:46 dew

w3mir -- sometimes great sometimes poor
When w3mir works, it's excellent. I'm using it to mirror a few of my sites. However, the fact that it doesn't work with modern versions of URI and LWP (in libwww) makes it uncooperative with other web-using perl programs, and has made it difficult to use on machines that are more up-to-date in their libraries.


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