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The VTE library inserts terminal capability strings into a tree of tables, and then uses it to determine if data received from a pseudo-terminal is a control sequence or just random data. The sample program "interpret" illustrates more or less what the widget sees after it filters incoming data.


Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2014 09:58

    Release Notes: This major release for GNOME 3.12 adds content rewrapping upon window resize, better xterm compatibility, true color support, display corruption fixes, a significant speedup, and plenty of smaller new features and bugfixes.

    •  13 Jul 2013 07:00

      Release Notes: This release honours the gtk-enable-primary-paste setting and redraws when changing colours.

      •  24 Dec 2012 09:36

        Release Notes: Translations were updated.

        •  03 May 2012 17:38

          Release Notes: This release fixes custom child setup function in pty, a leak in vte_draw_set_text_font, and an off-by-one error in interpretation of ECH.

          •  26 Dec 2010 09:34

            Release Notes: A gsettings .enums.xml file was added for vte's enum types. Building with the latest gtk 3 was fixed. Introspection annotations were fixed and gobject-introspection 0.9.0 is required. An error message was clarified. Translations were updated.


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            Project Spotlight

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