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Very Simple Control Protocol & Friends

The very simple control protocol is a protocol for M2M (machine to machine), home automation, and similar things. This package includes programming tools, daemons, and userspace tools for using this protocol.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2012 14:11

    Release Notes: This release fixes a problem resulting from a wxWidgets parser library problem for Unicode builds, improves the scan interface in VSCP Works, lets register configurations be saved/loaded in VSCP Works, fixes a memory leak in the TCP/IP interface, and adds minor bugfixes.

    •  20 Apr 2011 19:18

      Release Notes: Minimized session windows on startup in vscpworks have been fixed. Bug 2870025 has been fixed. Re-edit of txlines in vscpworks. DM action escape substitutions for different standard system paths. The helper interface now has full variable handling. All Level I drivers have moved to drivers/level1. Windows build files have changed accordingly. The timestamp is no longer missing on internal events. A bug in %hour substitution in DM action strings has been fixed. There are other minor fixes.

      •  23 Mar 2011 07:34

        Release Notes: A level II raw Ethernet driver is in place. Devices that communicate over Ethernet without a TCP/IP stack are supported. Measurement conversions are in place. Helpers to get variables from the server are in place. The VSCP Driver interface (level II) is in place. A level II logger driver is in place. Log files can be created that log from specific channels in a text format or VSCP works XML format for later investigation. A level II Bluetooth proximity driver is in place. It can detect Bluetooth devices.

        •  19 Dec 2010 17:39

          Release Notes: Many changes and bugfixes have been made. The most exciting is that the internal decision matrix of the daemon is now fully functional. It is possible to control when things happen down to the smallest detail. Actions can send new events to execute external scripts/programs, access Web servers (GET/POST), send events to remote VSCP daemons, write to a file, and much more. The decison matrix can be controlled remotly through the TCP/IP interface to add/remove/edit rows.

          •  10 May 2010 05:56

            Release Notes: Bootloader support was added for local and remote nodes in VSCP Works. A new helper DLL with all general functionality was added. Many bugfixes and enhancements were made.


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