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vpick is a nifty little tool for those dyed-in-the-wool MH users who occasionally envy pine, elm, or mutt users. For the times when marking just won't cut it, it allows you to check boxes for individual messages to save them in a sequence.


Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2009 03:27

    Release Notes: The -cull option was added to only display messages which are marked -sequence. The -newsquence option was added to save modifications to a new seq. Previously unannounced versions also fixed the status bar, as it always showed -zero, and fixed paging behavior, as it only DWIMd if you were on the first item of a page.

    •  19 Oct 2005 08:38

      Release Notes: The paging behavior was changed to more closely "Do What I Mean". Support for ^Z was added. Message viewing was added.

      •  07 Mar 2005 19:01

        Release Notes: Now you can preview messages from within vpick, and ^Z does what it should.

        •  15 Jun 2004 10:31

          Release Notes:


          Project Spotlight


          A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


          Project Spotlight

          TurnKey TWiki Appliance

          A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.