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Vodovod is a single-player action puzzle game. You get a limited number of pipes on each level, and need to combine them to lead the water from the house at the top of the screen to the storage tank at the bottom. It is similar to the Windows games Pipe Mania and Pipe Dream.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2007 19:35

    Release Notes: This release adds sound effects and three quality music tunes that give a nice atmosphere to the game. The level generator has been improved to create more challenging and more interesting levels after level 6. The code has been fixed so that the game doesn't consume 100% CPU during play. Music and sound effects volume is adjustable from the options menu.

    •  05 Jun 2007 15:10

      Release Notes: The graphics system was improved a lot (both internally and what is visible to the user). An in-game help/manual was added. New pipe types were added: checkpoint and slowdown, which make the game more dynamic and interesting. The game now pauses if the window focus is lost. Better balancing of difficulty was implemented. This is the first complete version, and only music and sound effects are lacking.

      •  03 Jun 2007 20:57

        Release Notes: First completely functional version. It has 3 levels of difficulty, and progressively harder levels. Keyboard controls are configurable, and there is also joystick/joypad support.


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