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VOCP is a complete messaging solution for voice modems, with voicemail, fax, email pager, DTMF command shell and Text-to-Speech support, 4 graphical interfaces, and a Web interface. Callers navigate the system using a touch-tone phone and may send and receive faxes, voice mail, and pager messages, listen to text/HTML email messages, or execute configured programs on the host and hear the resulting output.


Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2003 11:36

    Release Notes: In this version, new box attributes have been added including restrictFrom and restrictLoginFrom to control access based on Caller ID info. New and improved command shells, with selection listings available through Text-to-Speech are available. There is a whole new DTMF input algorithm; the numDigits box attribute was created and boxes now support arbitrary fixed length input. The BoxConf GUI was updated to reflect new box attributes, and a bug in command shell edits was fixed. There was also a faxing bugfix, so that reception is now working for all users.

    •  16 Jan 2003 15:06

      Release Notes: This release is a major step forward that brings fax, caller ID, MP3/Ogg attachment, and text-to-speech support, 3 new graphical interfaces (Call Center, message retrieval, faxing), a number of new box types (including faxondemand and script boxes), and much more.

      •  28 Aug 2001 11:47

        Release Notes: Voicemail messages are attached to emails as wav files for boxes using email notification. Command shell programs can now output a list of soundfiles that are played for caller after the command terminates. Bugs introduced in last release were fixed.

        •  26 Nov 2000 13:45

          Release Notes: The VOCP Web interface for message retrieval was created. An online demo is available on the home page. Text (as well as numeric) passwords may be set for boxes. Passwords may now be stored crypted in the configuration file. A default selection may now be set for boxes with branching.

          •  21 Oct 2000 09:25

            Release Notes: Initial release.

            Recent comments

            11 Dec 2001 20:05 xx86

            This is the best frontend I have see and it's pretty easy to setup.


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