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Vobcopy copies DVD .vob files to hard disk (thanks to libdvdread), decrypting them on the way (if libdvdcss is installed) and merges them into 2 GB files (or larger) with the name extracted from the DVD. It checks for enough free space on the destination drive and compares the copied size to the size on DVD (in case something went wrong during the copying). It can also mirror a whole DVD video part and copy single files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Jun 2009 20:41

    Release Notes: A new progress bar brings speed enhancements/system load reduction. This release can "rip" from an ISO image on hard disk, or from a directory containing a VIDEO_TS directory. Users seem to need this for streaming DVD content to a PS3 via FUPPES. This seems to be buggy (it works 50/50). There is an -M option to rip the title with the longest playing time. Both methods, choosing the main title by longest playing time and most chapters, can be wrong; please try both if one fails. Other small corrections.

    •  11 Oct 2008 19:01

      Release Notes: Small fixes were made, especially for *BSD. Messages were localized for en and de. The -x option was added to overwrite existing files.

      •  03 Mar 2008 01:13

        Release Notes: A small fix so that vobcopy builds on GNU/kFreeBSD (Debian bug 465966).

        •  14 Jan 2008 01:06

          Release Notes: This release fixes Debian bug #448319, which was retitled CVE-2007-5718. The Mac OS X (at least 10.5) version compiles again. Spaces in names should be handled better, and there are other small fixes.

          •  24 Jun 2007 02:30

            Release Notes: A segfault in the log file writing routine was fixed. Small fixes and experimental "step over the bad part" code were added.

            Recent comments

            10 Dec 2012 02:37 mrmeval

            Program received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.
            progressUpdate (starttime=starttime@entry=1355106841, cur=0, tot=tot@entry=61,
            force=force@entry=0) at vobcopy.c:2248
            2248 numChars = cur / barChar;


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