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23 Aug 2009 23:12 PeteC

I realy love VMware, it is a great virtualization tool.

Visit for a great Linux install procedure. It will help anyone who wants to install VMware on a CentOS Linux distribution.

Also check out the other howtos, procedures and guides at:


15 May 2008 17:46 hendersj

Love this product
Been a user of VMware Workstation since the 2.0.x days - one minor correction to your description, though - it doesn't run "Novell", it runs "NetWare". Novell is a company; NetWare is one product delivered by the company, along with SUSE Linux and several other non-operating system products.

11 Nov 2007 06:28 vmguru007

Re: VMWare

VMware definetly rock the free server one and the Virtual Infrastructure version one. I have run all type of Linux guest OS in it. from Slackware, Ubuntu, and Redhat 3, 4, 5. All of them run quite stable and fast in it. I was always quite happy with it. I have actually implemented their VI3 to virtualize the full infrastructure of one ISP. It work really well. That does not mean there no other good virtualization software availables.

> Tried the beta on a p-ii/233, running RH
> 5.2, 2.0.36 kernel, 196MB RAM. I
> allocated a 1 GB disk file and 64M RAM
> to Win95 installed from an OEM CDROM.
> Installation and operation were and have
> been flawless. Very impressive product.
> I still must use two applications that
> are not available (yet!) for Linux -
> FPGA design tools - under Win95. This
> setup is very usable. There is a
> noticable performance hit on the Windows
> performance. Linux reports 90+% CPU
> allocated to vmware when Windows is
> actually doing something but at a very
> high nice level (14 - 19- seems to
> vary). The load average stays below 1.0
> unless I do something on Linux at the
> same time.
> Has anyone tried this on a K6-2? The
> vmware page indicates Windows has
> problems (unrelated to vmware) on k6's.
> Any insites?
> Thanks.

14 Jul 2006 03:02 barsnick

VMware Server vs. VMware Workstation
For those of you who are wondering about the differences between VMware Server and VMware Workstation, do check out this article: (kontrawize blog)

24 Nov 2005 17:55 tomfm

Re: So it is not possible yet to have an OS on a Windows machine
For running Linux under NT, just get User Mode Linux. You can connect to the Linux system under NT using a VNC viewer or Cygwin's X11 server.

(If none of that makes sense to you, try Googling for the terms.)

08 Nov 2005 01:15 barsnick

Re: VMware Player -- limitations?

> what the limitations are vs. VMWare
> workstation. Can anyone comment?

That's the problem -- doesn't allow for separate descriptions for project branches. Though the player is probably quite okay to be described as a branch instead of a separate tool.

This must be what you're looking for:

Basically: No VM creation, no snapshot management, and some bells and whistles missing, if I understand correctly.

Also, jtroyer writes in

'There has been a lot of excitement about VMware Player on Slashdot and other sites. I've also seen many people talk about it on IRC and some have messaged me with questions. Namely, what's the catch? Why give away our virtualization platform? Are the VMs DRMed? Will they expire? Do they not work as well as in Workstation?

There's no catch. This is the same virtualization platform we use in Workstation. The VMs are the same VMs. They won't expire. They should work just as well in the Player as they do in Workstation.'

> If it really is a free download, I'll

It is.

> Or maybe it just lacks the ability to
> create "virtual machines." But the last
> time I checked, VMWare virtual machines
> consisted of a simple configuration file
> and a disk image. Those can be created
> with ed(1) and dd(1), respectively; at
> least on a UNIX-like system.

Indeed they can, at least that's what I read in some sources. It's pretty much up to you to be smart enough, and the player then poses no further restrictions on you.


28 Oct 2005 01:46 chaoticthought

VMware Player -- limitations?

I visited the VMWare Player page and it sounds like a limited version of VMWare workstation, and besides a list of "features," there is no information on what the limitations are vs. VMWare workstation. Can anyone comment?

If it really is a free download, I'll eventually just try it, but I was wondering what limitations I can expect. Is the VMWare Player going to refuse to save changes to disk images? Or maybe it runs for 30 minutes and then stops?

Or maybe it just lacks the ability to create "virtual machines." But the last time I checked, VMWare virtual machines consisted of a simple configuration file and a disk image. Those can be created with ed(1) and dd(1), respectively; at least on a UNIX-like system.

25 Oct 2005 08:59 cypherz

Re: VMWare speed

> I'm not as impressed with the VMWare

> speed as everyone else seems to be.

> Running Win95SR2 on a virtual machine on

> my PII-400/128MB RAM/RH6.0 gives me

> about the same speed my old 486DX4-100.

> I agree, the emulation works great, but

> I personally don't think it's suitable

> for any environment where you need to

> use more than Notepad.

> Just my $0.02.

WTF?? I think you guys with the 64 or 128 meg machines are just trolling. I mean 64 megs isn't enough to run Windows 98 acceptably on a 400 mhz machine! 128 is just barely adequate for Win98, but there won't be enough left over after boot to run any serious guest OS! And then to complain that vmware is slow?!! Good grief! I'm running on a 3.0 Ghz P4 with 1.5 gigs of ram and vmware runs most OS's I've tried at full speed (in full screen mode). In "windowed mode" screen refreshes are a little slower than an install on the bare metal. I guess you third world types need to step up to the plate and get some memory! RAM is cheap these days! Or maybe you silly gits are just trolling.

The moral of this story is: "You can never have too much RAM. Always have enough RAM to support the host OS AND the guest OS!"

25 Oct 2005 08:21 rgibons

Re: Slackware install

> I have a slackware 7.0

> and I try to install VmWare, but is not

> installed successfully!

> why?


I'm running it on Slackware 10.2 currently, I have done so on other versions of Slack as well. In order for the install to work, you have to manually create in /etc/rc.d the following subdirectories: rc0.d, rc1.d, rc2.d, rc3.d, rc4.d, rc5.d and rc6.d before you run the installer. You will also need the full gcc complier and kernel sources.

20 Feb 2004 13:09 spaantje

Re: Raw Disk mode

> I have my linux root and windows
> partitions on the same disk, /dev/hda.
> I use lilo to dual boot. I wanted to
> use vmware to access my windows
> partition.. So I ran the wizard with
> the -rawdisk option. It tells me that
> none of the IDE drives (/dev/hda
> /dev/hdb /dev/hdc or /dev/hdd) exist or
> that I don't have permission. I get
> this error even if I try to do this as
> root. Could it be because my linux root
> is mounted off of /dev/hda2 and It
> doesn't want to access /dev/hda to boot
> off of?

make an entry in /etc/group and set the VMware user(s) in the disk entry.


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