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VMS Empire

VMS Empire is a simulation of a full-scale war between two emperors, the computer and you. Naturally, there is only room for one, so the object of the game is to destroy the other. The computer plays by the same rules that you do. This game was ancestral to all later expand/explore/exploit/exterminate games, including Civilization and Master of Orion.


Recent releases

  •  21 May 2014 13:03

    Release Notes: This release incorporates Dennis Pinckard's fix for a Mac OS/X port bug and adds a desktop file.

    •  31 Dec 2013 22:31

      Release Notes: This release cleans the code to modern C, applys cppcheck, and fixes a code typo reported as Debian bug #593434.

      •  23 Aug 2013 03:48

        Release Notes: This release fixes a core dump when a satellite bounced off the world's edge, and adds full ANSIfication of function prototypes (which fixes the sat bug, as the code appears to have been tickling some obscure bug in the compilation of function calls with K&R-style prototypes).

        •  16 Feb 2012 04:06

          Release Notes: RPM packaging was dropped. The documentation was cleaned up.

          •  21 Oct 2010 11:49

            Release Notes: A patch was applied to enable different-sized worlds. Minor fixes were made to map functions. More on the history of the game is provided. Arrow keys are enabled in edit mode. The license was changed from Chuck Simmons's cosmetically tweaked clone of the GPL to the GPL proper.

            Recent comments

            14 Aug 2012 15:21 bbrobison

            Are you open to changes? I have several:
            - Fix to stop error message when skipping an army on a full troop transport.
            - Change to allow armies on troop transports to attack ships.
            - Change to add points to the score for armies and fighters killed when a troop transport or carrier is sunk.

            I have some others that are not ready for prime time, but are proof of concept ideas:
            - Change to add a hovercraft. It unbalances game play.
            - Change to add a side panel to the right of the screen.
            - Added command ;

            I'm currently looking at an infrequent bug where a city never produces pieces. The completion round keeps increasing.

            Let me know if you are interested.

            11 Apr 2002 13:57 wls

            Patch Available
            I've posted a patch to the 1.2 version at
   Ideally aimed at Linux users using GCC, it resolves all compiler errors and warnings for both the debug and production releases. This lets you have a faster executable, which hopefully should make turn processing go a smidge faster and quite possibly could fix some subtle errors when incorrect type conversion happened.


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