VM is a mail reader written in Emacs LISP for GNU Emacs and XEmacs. It can retrieve mail from local spool files or remotely via POP and IMAP, display and send MIME messages, thread messages, auto-sort messages into folders, and manipulate "virtual folders" of messages matching certain criteria. In Emacs versions with X support it provides an interface with toolbars, menus, and mouse-based message selection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 May 2010 10:43

    Release Notes: Some compatibility issues with XEmacs were resolved. Support for Org-mode was updated.

    •  22 Mar 2010 20:08

      Release Notes: Major new features: support for reading and replying to messages in HTML. Full support for IMAP servers.

      •  17 Mar 2010 14:00

        Release Notes: An incompatibility of a mapvector procedure with XEmacs was removed.

        •  17 Mar 2010 13:59

          Release Notes: VM-Cache entries were broken by encoding the pretty printed cache string instead of the individual strings. This bug was introduced in 8.0.10 by the bug fix for correctly storing the cached multibyte summary entries. It causes building of the summary to fail. Broken cache entries are now detected and removed while loading a folder.

          •  28 Mar 2003 08:18

            Release Notes: This release now understands command boundaries. (provide ...) statements are now at the bottom of Lisp files.


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