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23 Jan 2009 14:37 artienet

I know most things good are not free, exception for the vlc media player.. I just realized how cool this media player is, hell, I would gladly pay a some bucks for it in comparison to some of the other expensive 3rd party media products..

Just wanna say thanks for a Great Product VLC! This rocks!.. Look out WinAmp and Nero Media!

05 Jan 2009 16:35 darkestsky

This is undoubtedly the best media player I've ever used. I use it both under Linux and Windows, and it's great! The "portable" version (which does not require any installation under Win) is very good too. Rated 10/10

02 Dec 2008 08:26 luvgeek

User interface still unstable
While it is a welcome change that VLC finally has an interface in full screen mode, the interface is unstable and disappears after a few times of use, requiring you to re-install the program.

It shows it's geeky roots that you are expected to walk over to the keyboard to press keys to control the video when watching it on your big screen TV.

Other rough edges still exist like not remembering the aspect ratio of your TV from session to session, the window closing when the file is finished and the player not waiting until the first frame is rendered are still quite distracting.

Once the rendering stabilizes though, this player renders a larger variety of formats better than any other player.

25 Nov 2008 22:44 earthboy

I love to stream from News Groups Baby!!
I use NZB's to stream movies and music direct from news groups and this little puppy plays any format you can throw at it! How this baby has changed my multi media life!!

Happy Shopper

13 Nov 2008 05:27 kumarkar

Re: thank you
I agree. compact and fast to open. does not consume much memory like other players.

Good Job Done

23 Oct 2008 18:04 tonyciii

Great little player
Out of shear frustration from the more well known players I went looking for something better. WOW! I found it in a nice little pkg that opens in a flash and plays everything I want it to.

05 Sep 2008 15:28 SweetRebekah

VLC Media Player (Subtitle)
I support VLC Media Player than any other media player because VLC accept subtitles. Most media player does not accept subtitles. I'm deaf myself, and I must have subtitle on every movies, so, My friend recommend me to use VLC media player and I loved it.

23 Jul 2008 20:09 KmIAMs

I absolutely love this program! Not only does it handle the FLV files I was looking to play it let me play my international DVD's as well as my domestic DVD's

23 May 2008 19:54 thomp

great stuff
I found that vlc was able to handle a wmv stream that kaffeine and mplayer both had trouble with (all standard debian installs). Nice job with a feature-rich piece of software...

30 Apr 2008 22:06 spsk11india

VLC - A great Software!!
VLC is really a great thing...

You can play video/audio file of any format with it.

This has become the trend-setter of the field of multimedia.

Thanks to Videolan.


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