Comments for VLC media player

31 Dec 2009 13:55 yurac

The best player I know about. Plays everything. I use it on Ubuntu Linux

19 Dec 2009 06:38 CopernicanShift

VLC plays everything, It is packed with tons of features but is light on resources.
It is a staple in my arsenal and would freak out if I didn't have it. I found it years ago when people were charging for

25 Oct 2009 15:09 forevertech

Really great player! I like it so much

01 Aug 2009 23:52 sam12345

VLC is awsome. Very helpful. Thanks

14 Jul 2009 15:11 Xieg

VLC is great. Thank

11 Jul 2009 16:33 yvhubert

Great project. Great software (light and powerful). Many thanks to the team

10 Jul 2009 21:24 shirker

Oh and just as an additional info (I forgot to add this in my first comment): beside, as mentioned, being able to handle CDs/DVDs with "bad sectors", VLC is also capable of handling CDs/DVDs that produce those "An error was detected during a paging operation" entries/events in the Windows Event Viewer.

08 Jul 2009 07:51 dinou


07 Jul 2009 23:59 shirker

Agreed, VLC is a "must have", because beside many other things, it's the only one of the many multi-media players that I use (MPC, BSPlayer, Koala Film Player, Crystal Player etc.) that actually can handle CDs/DVDs with "bad sectors", meaning that it doesn't stop (and possibly freeze the file-manager; the only thing that usually can solve that is opening/closing the CD/DVD drive) in the middle of playing.

07 Jul 2009 16:17 jpvalois

VLC is a must : it's complete, very stable, efficient *and* simple to use. I can't recall it ever failing at reliably playing any media file I've thrown at it. Thanks to the VideoLan people for such a great product.


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