Comments for VLC media player

22 Aug 2012 03:57 domperignon

The only multimedia player that works everywhere and does all you need!

06 Jun 2011 17:49 giacomodrago

Wonderful program.

02 May 2011 09:33 xc_shen

VLC is the most awesome streaming player i ever used. Thanks to the guys work on vlc.

01 Feb 2011 15:41 she_died

VLC for Windows lets you use your DVD drive for (surprise!) watching DVDs! Imagine that! Most graphic cards driver updates tosses out DVD playback features. We got playback capability only after installing VLC! Thank you guys!

23 Mar 2010 20:09 doccal

Finally a media player that can easily beat the KMP.

14 Mar 2010 20:41 3dbloke

What would I do without VLC ? I use it on Windows and Ubuntu. Plays the MP2s from my DAB radio. Works well with Mobotix IP cam FFMPEG recordings, too. All-round versatile media player.

22 Feb 2010 16:06 Genesee

Hands down, the best media player app available!

27 Jan 2010 21:24 rodrigo72lopes


15 Jan 2010 20:26 Warrant

VLC is fantastic. It really whips the WMP's ass.

06 Jan 2010 01:54 waji20000

it is cool , thanks.


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