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30 Sep 2008 16:00 hdlee

Re: License clarity

You're right. I just notice that too, but looking at Linux build instructions (, especially if you use debian or ubuntu, it is not difficult at all to produce a binary version from the code.

Although the opensource version is a stripped down version of the proprietary licensed one, still during a short test it seems this software is pretty usable.

I'm looking forward for further development of this software.

15 Sep 2008 17:46 shlomif

I Love VirtualBox

VirtualBox is wonderful and a complete life-saver. I'm using it to run a Fedora Linux virtual machine on top of my Mandriva Linux (Cooker) system, and it works very well. While it is still not very feature-rich, it is still usable.

And best of all - it's free and open-source.

22 Jul 2007 11:17 paulproteus

License clarity

Just so everyone knows, the Freshmeat page says that this program is GPL'd, but in fact that's only true for the source download listed.

The binaries are covered under a different, non-free-software (but free-of-cost) license. You can read about the details at by looking for "The VirtualBox binaries are available free of charge for personal and evaluation use. By downloading from the below links, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL) (" at (


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