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Virtual Appliances

Virtual Appliances are nano-sized virtual machines for deploying instant infrastructure and applications. They are Ubuntu Server Edition 8.04 based and available for VMware, QEMU, KVM, Parallels, Xen, Virtual Iron, Virtural PC, and Virtual Server. Available Virtual Appliances are a LAMP Server, LAPP Server, Apache Tomcat Server, and Cacti Virtual Appliance. These are the smallest, most functional, and easiest to use Virtual Appliances available. They are certified for use on VMware and Parallels.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Oct 2007 23:42

    Release Notes: All appliances are now migrated to Ubuntu 7.04 Server.

    •  16 Jul 2007 22:17

      Release Notes: Virtual Appliances are now based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu patch and package managment are fully functional on this appliance, so adding applications has never been easier. Major features, working out of the box, are Apache2 HTTP server, The Webalizer, Zend Optimizer, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, secure administration user interface, automated use of Virtual Harddisks, automatic Samba shared wwwroot, preconfigured NTP services, and Vmware Certified and VI3 ready. This is the smallest Ubuntu LAMP solution, at only 156MB to download.

      •  12 Apr 2007 02:55

        Release Notes: The appliance now has full console and SSH access. The Apache HTTP server now supports SSL. THe PEAR Extension and Application Repository for end-user management of PHP extensions is enabled and many PHP extensions have been added. The appliance is still only 59MB to download and is available for VMware, MS Virtual PC and Virtual Server, and Virtual Iron.

        •  24 Jan 2007 08:27

          Release Notes: This LAMP server is very easy to use. Once running, adding Web content and applications is done through a CIFS/Windows Networking share. This is a complete LAMP solution, including Apache HTTPD, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Perl, PHP, and Python. Apache applications can be installed in seconds and be running with no knowledge of how to setup a LAMP server.

          •  05 Dec 2006 21:43

            Release Notes: This Virtual Appliance server runs Cacti, which is a network graphing solution based on RDDTool. It is used to provide real-time and historical visualization of network activities. The Cacti Server includes onboard MySQL and PHPmyAdmin in a 40MB download package to run under any VMWare product or VirtualPC. As with other Virtual Appliances, this Cacti Server can use Virtual Hard drives automatically, which allows for a database of any practical size.


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