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Vintage Terminal

Vintage Terminal is a terminal emulator that simulates the looks of a 1980s monitor.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Aug 2013 16:40

    Release Notes: Mouse support for applications, copy/paste mouse support for the terminal, faster screen updates on long text output, and window title updates upon request from applications.

    •  31 Jul 2013 10:23

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to roll back the terminal. It adds an audible beep. The Makefile has been changed to detect libraries and ease configuration. Commands can now be started in the terminal initialization from the command line. An alias to vim was changed to make it able to use and . A special charset for curses has been added.

      •  25 Jul 2013 17:11

        Release Notes: A Unicode/multiple locales environment has been implemented (the font is still not Unicode). This release has a window icon and cursor improvements. When starting vinterm in a tiling window manager, the size of the framebuffer is now set correctly. Various positioning issues that caused problems with editors like ViM and nano have been fixed.

        •  19 Apr 2012 00:00

          Release Notes: Window resize/maximize, full screen (CTRL+F11), full screen with 80 columns (CTRL+SHIFT+F11), and a manual page.

          •  09 Apr 2012 16:54

            Release Notes: Full terminal capabilities have been implemented.

            Recent comments

            19 Apr 2012 09:32 andre_nho

            I tested CTRL+F11 and it seems to be working. Are you using Linux? What you mean by "it looks like 40 col centered"? If you mean that it is too small, maybe you could use the "-s" switch to increase the font size.

            19 Apr 2012 07:51 xc8

            CTRL+F11 is not working (v.0.3.0), CTRL+SHIFT+F11 sets the fullscreen 80 col, but in fact is look like a 40 col centered...

            10 Apr 2012 07:20 xc8

            nice terminal, but as I understand there should be an 'options' menu?

            25 Mar 2012 22:49 NOTtheMessiah

            I'm excited about this! I've wanted something like this for quite some time. Reminds me of apple2 from xscreensaver (, but it stopped short of full VT100 functionality.

            25 Mar 2012 18:31 andre_nho



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