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17 Mar 2000 14:04 bneely

Linuxcare: Vigor review
Linuxcare has posted a review of Vigor as part of our App of the Week feature. Read the review!


18 Jan 2000 22:06 piquan

Frequent changes
And it all started so innocently... I didn't know where it would lead...

It's a good idea to go to the Vigor home page instead of downloading the tarball directly from here. I'm making frequent changes, you see. Right now, Vigor is at version 0.009, and I'll probably release 0.010 later tonight. Version 0.006 in particular had some problems building on several Redhat and Solaris systems. The homepage also is getting a few binary packages in as well (more are graciously accepted).

Anyway, instead of making lots of release announcements to Freshmeat, I'm just going to put the updates on the Vigor home page. (I have no desire to flood Freshmeat with release announcements.)


17 Jan 2000 11:16 forcer

Someone evil has programink this software.
Let's go to the author's house and do some protesting :)


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