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ViewKlass is a C++ framework for developing applications that use the LessTif or OSF/Motif(tm) user interface toolkits. In particular it provides classes that support the creation of reusable components. It also provides classes that encapsulate some of the more difficult and tedious aspects of Motif development. These include classes to handle the creation of windows, dialogs, and menus. ViewKlass is an open source implementation of SGI's ViewKit(tm), and should eventually become source code compatible with a large subset of of that API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2009 21:20

    Release Notes: This release addresses the const correctness issue that was made apparent by the use of gcc 4.2, which is much pickier about such things. There are no intentional changes in functionality.

    •  29 Dec 2006 12:47

      Release Notes: This release includes fixes to build with the MKS Toolkit compiler, gcc4.x, and x86_64. A memory leak in VkCheckBox was fixed. Fixes for a modality problem with VkDialogManager and removing items from a VkPrefGroup are also included.

      •  03 Jan 2004 21:03

        Release Notes: Build problems with Linux/gcc3.x and Solaris/gcc2.95 have been fixed. A potential crash in VkFileSelectionDialog has been fixed. The VkPixmap class has been implemented. Dialog positioning now behaves correctly. VkMenuUndoManager now correctly handles deletion of its actions. The implementations of VkCheckBox, VkRadioGroup, and VkPromptDialog were completed. A VkApp method to dump the widget tree was added. All the *Dialog instances are now allocated using new(). VkResource now handles all data types correctly. The test code has been updated. Lots of small fixes, tweaks, and tidy-ups were made.

        •  13 Jul 2002 14:28

          Release Notes: Undoable actions were implemented, which completes the menu classes. VkGetResource was fixed to return the correct result in "all" cases. The new classes VkMenuActionWidget, VkMenuActionObject, and VkCompletionField were implemented. Tests were added for the new functionality.

          •  23 Jan 2002 12:00

            Release Notes: The classes VkAlignmentGroup and VkTrace were added. The className() method was made inline in all classes. The installDestroyHandler90 method was added to all classes that needed it. 'theXyzDialog' instances are now created on demand instead of being static objects. A possible crash in the VkComponent destructor was fixed.


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