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04 Feb 2005 08:07 gvy

keywords in description
Maybe add "panel" so that it could be found as "control panel"? Spent a bit extra time trying to recall the name. :)

18 May 2001 12:49 chaogic

Demo & Forum
A live demo and online discussion forum can be found at the home page.

18 May 2001 06:15 chaogic

The web GUI is here.

29 Jan 2001 17:06 chaogic

Upgrade to 1.21.010129
Fixed a potential segmentation fault in previous versions. Upgrade recommended. Special thanks to Brian Poole at Purdue University for pointing out the vulnerability.

26 Jan 2001 05:26 chaogic

Next Release
Coming soon: a web interface for both system administrator and host/domain owners, code modularization to facilitate arbitrary virtual services, support for secure web, proftpd, and imap.


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