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21 Jul 2007 10:18 kumosan

Re: wow

I am no so sure if this really is that stupid. Suppose you are a system administrator, who wants to keep up-to-date with different shells. I once knew how to work with the csh, ksh or tcsh. Since for quite some time I am working more or less bash only, I now have tremendous difficulties when I have to take one of the other shells. Something like vfsh might have prevented that. But I still don't want to use it. ;-)

16 Apr 1999 23:48 stevied

Oh My God..
.. so now I'm waiting for the Virtual Fluxating Boot Manager, which chooses a random operating system each time you boot.

25 Feb 1999 00:05 trey

i guess i was wrong when i thought [something] was the stupidest thing ever, this wins #1. :/


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