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Vesta is an advanced system for source code control, versioning, configuration management, and building. It is an alternative to CVS+make. It has a variety of unique features including automatic language-independent dependency detection, guaranteed repeatability of builds, and seamless multi-site collaboration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jun 2004 05:37

    Release Notes: Intermittent cache server crashes due to memory corruption have been eliminated. Many improvements have been made to the way tools are distributed to individual hosts. External CPU load is now used in selecting a host. Significant improvements to cache analysis tools (VCacheStats and PrintMPKFile). Far too many minor and/or obscure bugs to enumerate have been fixed. Initial support for building Vesta outside Vesta with make has been added.

    •  23 Jul 2003 13:58

      Release Notes: The way that "latest" symlinks work has changed slightly. This fixes a bug in replication that could leave them pointing to the wrong version, or even nothing at all. A variety of other improvements have been made to the repository, including avoiding potential deadlocks, performance scaling improvements, and new configuration variables for previously hard-coded performance tuning parameters. The replicator has been improved to add new features and avoid a problem with import cycles. New commands have been added: vrm, vglob, and vhistory. Many other bugs have been fixed.

      •  30 Apr 2003 15:13

        Release Notes: Big-endian systems are now supported. Specifically available with this release are PowerPC Linux and Sparc Linux. A variety of bugs in the cache server, repository, and evaluator were fixed. The cache server now uses less memory over the long run. Other minor feature enhancements were made. libc, libpthread, and libm are now dynamically linked on Linux. The Boehm garbage collector was updated to version 6.1 on Linux.

        •  04 Feb 2003 15:15

          Release Notes: Changes were made the to repository configuration to make initial setup simpler. New command-line options were added to the builder, vcreate, vbranch, and QuickWeed. New commands include vid (request user information from the repository), vaccessrefresh (ask the repository to refresh its access control information), and vmkdir (create a directory without the NFS interface). Various bugs were fixed. More improvements for supporting big-endian systems were made.

          •  15 Mar 2002 00:40

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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