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VeryNice is a tool for dynamically adjusting the nice level of processes under UNIX-like operating systems. It can also kill off runaway processes and increase the priority of multimedia applications, while properly handling both batch computation jobs and interactive applications with long periods of high CPU usage. Unlike most other process renice tools, VeryNice is not only capable of lowering a CPU-bound process's priority, but of raising the priority when the process is no longer heavily using the CPU.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Oct 2001 23:19

    Release Notes: A few latent bugfixes.

    •  01 Aug 2000 14:31

      Release Notes: This release adds various bugfixes, improved scalability, an RPM, and the ability to properly renice programs such as "make".

      •  23 Jul 2000 01:00

        Release Notes: First release.


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