Comments for Vendetta Online

25 Oct 2011 12:04 Phaserlight

Astounding Gameplay
I have the Xperia Play and the ability to wake up and log in on your gaming rig, switch to mobile over lunch break and pick up right where you left off, and return to the same avatar after dinner is amazing. This game did more things right than William Gibson when he wrote Neuromancer. Your laptop is not a computer, it is a portal, and your mobile phone is a familiar. In the words of a surfer; ride this wave.

26 May 2010 19:24 sjwest

There are a lot of teen trolls in this game.

20 Apr 2009 10:37 pabs3

Uggh, nonfree.

01 Jul 2003 06:05 babyhead

Health Warning
This game should also come with a health warning of some sort, you wouldn't beleive how addictive it is =D

06 May 2003 21:43 Gamejunky

One of the best!
I've played alot of space combat sim's lately, and I must say, this is the best one i've ever seen thats FREE! keep up the good work guys! Also, if you ever need someone to make some ship models or space station models, I'll be more than happy to help out. eMail me if your interested. BTW, I work with Ac3D, and I'm not sure what you use to make your models, but If theres a way for u to convert Ac3D to your format, give me a holla.


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