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Vector Visuals

Vector Visuals provides an easy-to-use, object-based API for creating and manipulating Java2D-rendered shapes and images. It features object embedding, dynamic connectors, and multithreaded task support.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2006 03:51

    Release Notes: This release of is a combination of bugfixes and new features. Persistence delegates were added for all of the Vector Visuals objects. The examples were moved out into their own source folder. Additionally, the entire product is now licensed under a permissive "New BSD"-style license.

    •  19 Oct 2005 23:31

      Release Notes: This release, nearly a year in the making, represents a leap from a hobby project to a commercial-grade library. It is now available under either a commercial license or the GPL, depending upon your needs. The changes in this release's codebase are substantial, ranging from fundamental improvements to a whole new battery of helpful examples. Users should consider this a "must have" edition.

      •  14 Nov 2004 08:58

        Release Notes: This release makes a quantum leap in terms of the sophistication of the AnimationTask system. An event-based callback system has been added that allows code to be notified when tasks start and finish, and a "cycle length" concept has been implemented, allowing excessive CPU use to be curbed during animations.

        •  02 Nov 2004 10:48

          Release Notes: This release features a number of small improvements, including smoother animation and a better connector interface. The most significant change, however, is "under the hood" in the form of a complete conversion to the new language features of Java 5.0.

          •  08 Oct 2004 09:53

            Release Notes: This release focuses on improving the animation features of Vector Visuals. Thread management has been improved, and a new "TaskChain" class has been added that allows tasks to be executed in sequence rather than only in parallel.


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