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VCD-db is Web-based movie catalog software. It supports multiple users to collect, manage, and work with their media catalog. New movies can easily be added through several methods, for example by fetching data straight from websites such as and

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Recent releases

  •  20 Dec 2007 01:42

    Release Notes: With the total UI/Presentation layer rewrite in 0.990, some bugs slipped into that release. All known bugs have been fixed. All the bugs were minimal, but some more annoying than others. Non-bug-related updates include updated fetch site classes, 1-click cover download, a cache manager for SOAP-based setups, and more.

    •  30 Nov 2007 09:18

      Release Notes: This release includes a total rewrite of the UI and the presentation layer using Smarty. A new SOAP/Webservice interface has been added. Other new features include friendly URLs using mod_rewrite, a file launcher to start a movie straight from the Web page to play in your associated player, two new themes, and an SQL export option in the admin panel. DVD spoken languages are now available as requested. PDF export was implemented.

      •  04 Jun 2007 05:23

        Release Notes: The main focus of this release was bugfixes and improvements, but some new features were also added. Two new fetch classes were added for and Two new UI themes were added, and there is a new tool section in the admin panel with maintenance actions.

        •  08 Mar 2007 01:33

          Release Notes: This release includes many new features and updates. The biggest news is that VCD-db now supports Oracle, and the fetch classes can use CURL for grabbing content from remote servers. Other updates are that the fetch classes have been updated to reflect the updates on the source sites, like IMDB and Yahoo movies. Using a proxy server for fetching is available again, and the "add new movies" process has been improved. That means that you can now select covers, nfo files, and add metadata in the same process.

          •  09 Nov 2006 21:35

            Release Notes: This release adds new fetch classes, six new translations, fixes of known bugs, adult data isolation with new roles, an Ajax-enabled installer, and code cleanup inside VCD-db.

            Recent comments

            18 Jan 2011 19:05 GoMySQL

            For all appearances, this project is dead.

            Last status-of-project post on their forum was done in 2008 and most "fixes" coming out now are small bits of code changes by users.

            Very unfortunate. This is one of the best (if not the best!) Movie indexing tools around. I've not found one that even comes close. Quite tempted to fork it and start on a rebuild.


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