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Vblade is a software-based AoE target, a virtual EtherDrive Blade. It exports local block storage to hosts on an ethernet local area network. Hosts with an ATA over Ethernet (AoE) initiator, like the aoe driver for Linux, can then access the storage over the ethernet.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 May 2008 08:21

    Release Notes: Two contributed patches were added. One of them adds AIO support, and the other one uses the Berkeley Packet Filter to avoid unecessary wakeups of the vblade process.

    •  07 Mar 2008 21:00

      Release Notes: Data size checks are now more specific, making the vblade work over the loopback network device and work with network device drivers that fail to pad short packets.

      •  07 Dec 2005 19:03

        Release Notes: Support for ATA over Ethernet's config string feature was added. A handler for the ATA Check power mode command was added.

        •  17 Nov 2005 01:24

          Release Notes: The fixed vbladed script can now daemonize the vblade. FreeBSD support has been added. Config response packets now provide the correct length. Slackware compatibility was enhanced. The vblade version is now included in the AoE firmware version field.

          •  08 Sep 2005 16:19

            Release Notes: The bytes in each short are no longer swapped on big endian architectures in the ATA identify response.


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