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Vamos project allows computers to run software directly from the network, without installations. The software is stored on servers and is centrally maintained without the user's effort or attention. The user just needs to run applications, and the necessary bits are streamed automatically to its computer. The execution of the software is local, allowing high responsiveness and distributed computational load.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2008 07:25

    Release Notes: The bound directories and the copied files of /etc/ were made configurable. The system now detects if rootz-launcher is started from the browser or from the CLI. The setup-browser was fixed. The use of tac was removed, since not every system has tac. The HTML "welcome page" page is shown when there is no available GUI.

    •  12 Mar 2008 12:02

      Release Notes: The exit code of sub scripts was fixed. A crash when zenity is not installed was fixed. dchroot is now used instead of /usr/bin/dchroot. Relative paths are supported for mount point and image path. Setup-browser allows the root user (with a warning). An error is raised when a mountpoint is not empty instead of cleaning it.

      •  04 Feb 2008 12:58

        Release Notes: All sh shells are supported, like dash, ksh, and zsh. Nonexistent dcroot.conf handling was fixed.

        •  13 Jan 2008 00:45

          Release Notes: Support was added for plain chroot, consisting of an uncompressed directory containing a complete system. With this option, it is actually possible to manually mount virtually any kind of image (including cloop based images), using any kind of filesystem. Afterwards, rootz will easily hook to the mounted image.

          •  07 Jan 2008 19:00

            Release Notes: An option to give rootz a local path of an ISO, instead of a URL. Multiple chroots support. Execute from all chroots/first-to-work chroot . An option to execute from the local system if possible (if the app exists). Standard mount (mount -t rootz) and /etc/fstab support.


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