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Vacuum Magic

Vacuum Magic is a fast-paced action game. The point of the game is using your magical vacuum field to collect food and defend against monsters. Food and certain monsters can also be spat out and used as a projectile against other monsters. Vacuum Magic can be played by up to six players, either cooperatively or against each other.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jul 2009 15:18

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the previous package that caused the Linux packages to be built with one file missing.

    •  04 Jul 2009 14:10

      Release Notes: This version has a new desert background and a new trial area called "Wipe Out". Also, as a tribute to the classic arcade game Koules, there's a new enemy (Koules), and a new Area Boss: Papa Koules. There is also a fix for a bug that caused the previous release to die with an error under Linux.

      •  28 Jun 2009 18:47

        Release Notes: This release introduces adjustable screen resolution, a new background, an in-game tutorial, and some minor tweaks and enhancements.

        •  30 Mar 2009 14:51

          Release Notes: This release has one new powerup: the fire shield. This is the strongest powerup the player can get, with awesome defensive and offensive potential. There's also a new background and music, with a Halloween theme. The RoboWitch boss spawns a bunch of bats when it's damaged, and the Bomber boss is less deadly now. There are several miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks.

          •  09 Mar 2009 15:57

            Release Notes: A very difficult boss battle was added: the bomber. New enemies include the ice rain, the spider, and the bomb. Players can now hold down the fire key to prolong slurp time before spitting. This allows for a more precise aim. The bullet time bonus item was added, which slows down enemies for a while. A new background was added. Several new visual effects were added. Some bugs were fixed.


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