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Usenet Binary Harvester

The Usenet Binary Harvester (ubh) is a Perl console application which automatically discovers, downloads, and decodes single-part and multi-part Usenet binaries. It automatically assembles multi-part binaries, provides searching via Perl regular expression syntax, and provides a pre-selection capability whereby the user can interactively choose which binaries to download. Ubh uses a standard .newsrc file to control which groups to process, and uses the .newsrc to keep track of articles already processed. It also handles uuencoded binaries, MIME attachments, and yEnc encoded binaries.


Recent releases

  •  09 Mar 2002 20:12

    Release Notes: This is a full release which features a few small bugfixes, some general maintenence, and an external decoder wrapper.

    •  05 Mar 2002 19:11

      Release Notes: This release features yEnc decoding.

      •  24 Feb 2002 19:00

        Release Notes: This is a full release which features a new header cache updating and filtering architecture. It also includes numerous bugfixes and a great deal of general maintenance.

        •  05 Aug 2001 23:23

          Release Notes: The dependency on Class::Struct, which was preventing ubh from running on some earlier versions of Perl, has been removed.

          •  29 Jul 2001 10:09

            Release Notes: This is a full release with many new capabilities including header caching, automatic crosspost elimination, multiple server support, and external decoder support. Also included are numerous bugfixes, lots of general maintenance changes, and many usability improvements.


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