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UrBackup is an efficient client/server backup system for Linux and Windows. A client for Windows lets you backup open files and complete partition images. Incremental and full image backups are stored to disk in a efficient way with file level de-duplication on either Windows or Linux servers. An easy-to-use server Web interface lets you analyze storage usage, view logs, modify settings, and browse backups. Backup images can be restored using a prebuilt live Linux CD based on KNOPPIX.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jan 2014 20:46

    Release Notes: Includes translations into 7 new languages. Many bugfixes. A downloadable custom installer for easier setup. More information about backups and clients on the Web interface. Soft client quotas to limit how much space a single client can use. Performance and many other smaller improvements.

    •  09 May 2013 19:55

      Release Notes: This release adds new translations and bugfixes. More "advanced" settings may help you increase the backup speed: If you have enough RAM, you can, for example, increase the database cache size. You can limit the amount of space UrBackup uses now (soft quota).

      •  30 Oct 2012 11:46

        Release Notes: A new feature that allows backups over the Internet. Enables archiving of file backups and the starting and stopping of backups on the Web interface. All transfers can now be throttled globally or on a per client basis. Clients can now be optionally updated silently. A lot of bugs have been fixed and the settings pages reorganized such that they are less confusing.

        •  30 Mar 2012 22:44

          Release Notes: This release adds new file inclusion patterns, speed optimizations, and some bugfixes.

          •  13 Jan 2012 13:16

            Release Notes: There is a new Linux client, new MSI installers, and a new ability to back up and restore multiple volumes. The server is able to send mail reports for backups now. There are more settings to restrict client options. Optimized performance. A lot of bugfixes.


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