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UPS is a source level C and C++ debugger that runs under X11. Fortran is also supported on some systems. It's a very light debugger, but is quite efficient and works well.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Nov 2002 11:26

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  01 Jun 2002 02:23

      Release Notes: New features include watchpoints on x86 machines, ability to include functions from expressions, object names in breakpoint list, ability to install its own colormap, double click expansion and compression of variables from the source window, and saving/restoring terminal state. Fixes were made for state and breakpoint files to work with overloaded methods, demangling Fortran names properly, pointers to arrays in Fortran work, improved long long support in expressions, better handling of frameless stack pointers on x86 machines, and corrected blocking on ptrace calls.

      •  10 Jan 2002 14:00

        Release Notes: Double clicking on a variable in the source window now expands or compresses the structure it represents. Functions can now be called from expressions. Improvements were made for long long types. A fix was made for parameter widening in the stack. Terminal state is now saved and restored. Clipping routines were added to eliminate flicker on redraw. Stepping across shared libraries and handling of frameless stacks, now works for x86 machines. main() can now be in a shared library. Support for DT_RUNPATH was added. Handling for segv on Linux machines was improved. A fix was made for "Bad format hint" and "sizeof(bool) inconsistent..." warnings. Using state and breakpoint files with overloaded methods was fixed.

        •  15 Aug 2001 18:49

          Release Notes: This release adds a "Drop state" item to the target menu. You can now recover from a bad "jump to here" selection. A fix was made for a crash that occurred when bad breakpoint code was loaded from a breakpoint file, and then ups attached to a process. The "unknown type 200" messages have been fixed when debugging using Forte 6.1 under Solaris 8 (there may be other problems with Solaris 8, however). A fix was made to enable ups to compile for 64 bits under Solaris 8 (this is just a start so others can try and get it working). The GNU C++ demangler has been moved out of ups/ao_symscan.c into a new directory, and the demangler for GCC 3.x has been added.

          •  29 May 2001 14:07

            Release Notes: Allows more efficiency through delayed loading of shared libs, application persistence, examining code has been made easier, and several bugfixes and enhancements.

            Recent comments

            24 Jan 2003 10:13 leshatton

            ups debugger
            I've relied exclusively on this for years. Its
            simply the best.

            17 Sep 2001 18:27 ianedwards

            Re: X11 ?

            > But why the X11 requirement ? Is it a
            > GDB frontend ?

            UPS has a graphical interface written mainly using Xlib, there is no 'command line' interface. UPS is a complete debugger and not a front-end to GDB, though an earlier version was buildable as a GDB front-end for systems not directly supported by UPS.

            23 Aug 2001 01:02 fredlwm

            X11 ?
            But why the X11 requirement ? Is it a GDB frontend ?

            22 Aug 2001 15:43 danq

            Easily the best debugger I've ever used
            Fast, lean, and very flexible.

            20 Aug 2001 18:11 lister

            Just like the song says, it's the best debugger there's ever been. Wouldn't use anything else.


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