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Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE)

Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) is a little program that looks for new updates for any supported Mandrake distribution running KDE2 or KDE3, and that warns the user when new updates have been found. It can also download and install these updates on demand.

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  •  22 May 2003 18:55

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    13 Jul 2003 20:59 XinMan

    It would be nice to be able to select which things you want updated, I do not always want to update everything on my machine, say Apache or MySQL, if it runs and does what I want then I don't want to mess it up. Unless of course there is a patched security hole in the application. It would be really nice though to be "choosey" of which updates are updated and which ones are disregarded.

    Just a thought,

    23 May 2003 13:39 t3kn0

    very cool
    I had been looking for looking for something like this for a while now. Only thing missing now is a way to add/change/delete your list of mirrors or a hook into urpmi.setup.
    still i rated this as a 10 since it perfectly scratches the itch i had been looking for. great job guys!

    23 May 2003 04:21 Thulemanden

    How to improve this
    This project could be vastly and quickly improved by including instructions.

    Apparantly info is more or less hidden in the makefile but I expect 90% of the new Linux users have no idea how to get through the incomprehensible data.

    Come on Duke, spend 5 minutes on instructions.

    23 May 2003 04:10 Thulemanden

    I wonder why there are no information as to installation after unpacking.

    How is the applicaiton started etc?


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