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25 Apr 2004 04:02 arse

3.2 download
the unrealircd server appears to be down at the moment, you can download unreal 3.2


23 Oct 2003 07:37 zugschlus

License unclear
Please notice that the license for unrealircd is quite
unclear. It says GPL all over the place, but when you
try to download the sources, you have to accept an
EULA which clearly contradicts the GPL. This has, for
example, prevented unrealircd to be packaged for
Debian GNU/Linux.

Upstream has been informed of that contradiction a
year ago, but they don't seem to be particular
interested in having a clear license.

01 Dec 2002 04:20 Silverwalker

Compiling issues
I keep having trouble compiling on mandrake 9
2.4.19_16 MDK, please advise me why this could be happening.

03 Jul 2002 02:54 Thema

Web Interface, and Documentation
Hi. I have read and re-read the docs that came with my Unreal Selene 3.2beta10 and I know there is a web interface somewhere. Why can't I find out how to set it up?

Please help me with this. It is sooo important to us to get a web interface up and running.

Documentation for the new .conf files is better but still has missing bits. I find that despite having a normal to slightly above average intelligence I struggle to understand most of what you guys have written, and to be honest I am disgusted at the general attitude of "If you don't understand what I just said go away you're stupid".

Well thanks for the opportunity to rant. On a more positive note. The Unreal IRCD is so far the only one I managed to get to work, and remain stable. It rox boyz keep it up.

19 Apr 2002 20:20 NeoGandalf

Tech Admin
Hi, First of all I'd like to say that I really like Unreal and that I always used it, and pushed my NetAdmin to do so aswell, only thing is I prefered the 3.1 branch config file, but I guess I'll get used to that. There ONE thing that really annoyed me, and that'S when I noticed you guys took Tech Admin (+T flag) out. I know how pointless it looks like 'cuz it doesn't do anything special on it's own. But I like to use NeoStats, and it requieres +T to have access to all the commands. I was wondering if it would be possible to re-add it. I'd be most thankful. I also prefer being called a Tech Admin above anything else, makes me proud :o) I hope to get a reply very soon,.. feel free to email me if you have something to tell me :o)

14 Dec 2001 03:57 sabbath

Some (IRC) Services with MySQL..
Have anyone a services with mysql database integration ? if any, sen-me a url to download it.
The <b>UNREAL IRCD</b> is R0x.
But why not try an integration with mysql ? and create a web-based control and more stuff's.
Best Regard's :P<BR>

06 Dec 2000 16:22 codemastr

Response to the last comment
As you can see by the previous comment, there are some people who dislike UnrealIRCd. The incident cited was a joke. Slushey a DALnet chatter and also an IRCd coder, made a comment about a vhost we had gotten for the UnrealIRCd coders (, so as a joke we decided to make the vhosts that were stated in the comment. This was not meant to harm his character in any way and we would like to apologize if it was taken that way by anyone. Immediately after the joke ended, the vhosts were removed. These vhosts were never publicly accessible and never used by anyone else. I do not intend to lie and say this incident did not happen, because in fact it did, but what I would like to comment on is slushey's comments. "If you or anyone poses a threat to unreal or the unreal team they will find some possible way to put you down..." This is simply not true. You can talk to any of our competing IRCd coders. Many people are using IRCds such as UltimateIRCd, PTLink IRCd, StarChat IRCd, as well as many others, but you can go ask their coders (Hamlet, Lamego, and GZ) if we ever tried to "destroy" their IRCd. As a matter of fact, Hamlet is a former member of the UnrealIRCd team (even while he was making UltimateIRCd), and GZ is co-coding a program with stskeeps, an UnrealIRCd coder. "urge people to stop using unreal there are many other ircds out there that will not have abusive users abusing their power by coding an ircd. " We are in no way attempting to force people to use UnrealIRCd, if you prefer another IRCd you are 100% welcome to use that IRCd. But as for the second part, I would like to state this due to the fact that there are rumors that UnrealIRCd has backdoors. The things people are calling backdoors, are in fact bugs. We did not intentionally code these bugs, and as soon as they were brought to our attention, we fixed them. Not only did we fix them, we made a special release such as Unreal3.1+sf just to make sure that these bug fixes were released before they could be exploited.

As I said before, I respectfully apologize for any harm done by this incident, and thank you for continuing to support UnrealIRCd.

06 Dec 2000 14:54 slushey

UnrealIRCd: The new version of Elite has risen. Put down the compition in any wa
[15:22] *** Joins: ^Techie (

[15:37] *** Joins: ^Techie2000 (

This wasn't enugh to piss me off until i saw my friends logs i recived today.

(Dec-6th-00-11:20am) *** Quits: Stskeeps (Quit: *** Aieeeeeeee! Server Terminating (buffer: :slushey PRIVMSG #gaysex :hey, anyone need a blowjob?) - *** Dumped core to ircd.4321 - Spread the rumour as possible)

If you or anyone poses a threat to unreal or the unreal team they will find some possible way to put you down. I urge people to stop using unreal there are many other ircds out there that will not have abusive users abusing their power by coding an ircd. Remember, if it seems good now one day if you go away from what was good to what is good now you will be put down too.

10 Mar 2000 22:49 gonis

Unreal is now THE best IRCd :)
This IRCd is now THE Best IRCd i have ever seen created! :)
Firstly, it is always being updated, and worked on. *coughs*, see any other IRCd's with as many options, or updates as this one.
Secondly, stskeeps is a legend :P .... always coding, and helping, and listens to users ideas!
Well done - Unreal ROX :PPP

18 Dec 1999 09:30 shadowmaster

Nah, Unreal aint unstable.
Looking at the broader view i cant really say that Unreal is unstable.
Sure it got some bugs, but they tend to get sorted out pretty quickly

GLINE is as a base a leftover from Elite which is one of the
reasons there have been so much trouble with it.
It cannot handle GLINE hosts like @hostname. Give it *@hostname and it
will stay happy.

Simple patch for it:

In s_user.c trace down m_gline

In m_gline find the line saying:

/* Check if its a hostmask AND legal.. */

Now before that line insert:

if (mask[0] == '@')


strcpy(tempmask, "*");

strcat(tempmask, mask);

mask = tempmask;


And all your ills will be healed. Patch taken from Ultimate.


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