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05 Jan 2011 01:42 bcrowell

Loveitloveitloveit! Unison has been one of my crucial tools for years now. The recent versions are extremely solid.

07 Feb 2005 12:23 floyd59

Excellent file synchronizer
This tool was written by the guys at CERN, the european particle physics laboratry. Obviously they know what they are doing, this software performs simply without flaw.

18 Oct 2004 09:31 mela

Extremly useful
If you have to share data between two or more

computers, and want to keep it it _in sync_ you can't step

over unison.

I'm using it now for over a year to sync data between my

notebook and my Workplace-PC and it grows to one of my

most important tools. in one row with ssh, a mailreader,

vi and bash itself...

Keep up the good work!


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