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UniPKG (Universal PaCkaGe manager) is a modular package manager. It supports the RPM, deb, Slackware TGZ, and ArchLinux package formats, and doesn't depend on any of the distribution tools or libraries. It is completely self-sufficient, as formats such as cpio or tar are reimplemented.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2005 22:01

    Release Notes: A written archive API for handling CPIO, TAR, and AR archive formats. All package handlers have been rewritten to use this API. An ArchLinux package handler has been added. SUIG/SGID missing while unpacking has been fixed. Preliminary LZMA support (Larhzu) has been added. The RPM package handler has been completely rewritten. Work has begun on netlib and UniGET. There are various bugfixes.

    •  18 Nov 2005 11:54

      Release Notes: Installation was optimized more. Multiple parameters are handled in one pass. needlelize() was fixed. Other minor fixes were made.

      •  19 Oct 2005 15:42

        Release Notes: A segfault which occurred when removing a package with 0 files was fixed. A warning on removal when not necessary (ensurermdir turned on) was removed. Only packages with status "install ok installed" are exported out of the Debian database. The shared libraries were renamed to make them begin with "lib", so ldconfig notices them.

        •  16 Oct 2005 08:55

          Release Notes: Bugfixes and cleanup were done. The handling scripts are now called with the proper parameters. GNU tar extensions are parsed properly. GNU Tar long names extensions are supported. Bzip2 support was added for RPM and Deb packages. Directories can be tracked. Package size is provided. A better UI was implemented.

          •  01 Oct 2005 12:16

            Release Notes: The project was renamed to UniPKG. Autotools is now used. Support for Slackware's TGZ format was added. API changes were made and protecteddirs were added to the configuration. Minor bugfixes were made, signal handling was added, and better DB protection was implemented. Many new backends were added, including a r/o Debian database and XML backend. The file backend was deprecated in favour of a directory backend.


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